Accordion and skirt

Without the bets there is no bellows. Without the bellows there is no call. There is often a feeling of experience, emotion and silence in the playing of accordion or in the listening to music. The Vekki surface of the accordion is bellow and bellow is the heart of the accordion. It would not be … Read more

Take a bet with a skirt by airing

Lovely skirt, but how to treat it? This will ask many of the adventurers of the Huihui pleated skirt. A time-consuming product always requires care.  There’s no need to worry about using the skirt, as the bets keep their groups well. Even daily sitting does not leave traces on the pleated fabric. There are no … Read more

A fitting garment is like playing in the right tone

Playing best in the right tone. The call to the chimney is an advantage, but there will be a good track in the ears. According to a dress guide, the garment looks like a group and is balanced. It’s nice to have. The fitting garment feels good on the ground, emphasizes the best aspects of … Read more

Pleated skirts for sale at the Finnish Handicraft Museum in Jyväskylä

“In use wonderfully flexible and relaxed”, commented on the Finnish Handicraft Museum Tuija and Päivi work hamers. Huihui-Vekki skirts are a museum for everyday use from November to March. A fair 30 years ago, 1985, I was designing and assembling the Finnish Home Industrial Museum, the current Finnish handicraft museum’s villa-themed exhibition in Jyväskylä. The … Read more

Format your pleated skirt

The pleat skirt follows the shapes. The shape of the Sutjakka onion can please you. Someone else would like to have a flumming hem. Lightly hem with steam iron by steamer, you can slightly change the shape of it.  Also I can make a makeover, as long as you separately wish. Watch the video to … Read more

Something of my own

The above event is documented 9.5.2013 at 12.24. Evaporating wool fabric in a spatatic root. I remembered the adaptability of the wool. The palttinasidoxic wool fabric I had vecked carelessly. With orange core threads, the fabric is tightly bundled.  The wetted cotton fabric has a printed pattern on the roots.  Also, the waffle-flaky towel is protected … Read more

A skirt person

Sometime before Sunday, I was wearing a white pleated skirt. I think I still have a skirt person. My own teeth are textiles, textures, fabrics that are made as skirts or skirts. The product development of the Vekki skirt evolved from a beautiful material glass texture and I developed a pleated skirt man. I want … Read more


I want to make simple timeless products. They have no rush to the season. I wondered about my behaviour and circumstances: what do I do and when or where I need others. When products are made for sale, it is a good idea to go out of the pricing that nothing is done by yourself, … Read more

Zero Waste

The Zero waste principle and its implementation in practice means a holistic, systematic approach to eliminating loss or waste. Products are designed to be durable, repaired and recycled. The products are designed to be used for cradle development. In the manufacture of textiles and clothing, the zero waste principle has been widespread in the 2000 … Read more


I make my cloth with a weaving machine from sketting and experimitating to fabric making. I can use a well-fixated weaving machine, I know its potential and limitations. Fabric fabrication is not a problem: The fabric is created smoothly. Sometimes just deciding is slow. The options are endless.  Scarves are made from fabric by hand … Read more

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