1 What is the material of the pleated skirt?

Huihui vekki skirt is 100% wool. The fabric is woven with a vartaves and a wired vekki skirt in Finland. Warp and kude yarn is 100% pure new wool from Austrian yarn factory. Some of the colours are Gots-certified 100% organic pure new wool. Waist elastic Band is 80% polyester and 20% latex. Rubber band made in Spain. The Finnish rubber band was not available even though manufacturing know-how in Finland. Latex rubber is made of natural rubber obtained from the taste of the gum tree. The reflective yarn is woven into the fabric, and it does not shed or disappear in the canvas. The reflective yarn originates from Asia. Read more about reflective materials here.

2 Does the pletaed skirt suit for me? What are the dimensions of the skirt?

The pletaed skirt is multi-evident. It can be held at the waist or lowered to the hips. The adjustment is therefore in latitude and longitud
e. Hem width always 150, circumference 300 cm. Skirt weight approx. 200 g. The front and back pieces are similar. The skirt is completed without waste only on the side seams. Short skirt is 45 cm long, taller 53 cm. We also manufacture a skirt of 70 cm in length from the order. The shape of the body affects the place where the rubber band of the pletaed skirt is well settled. The width of the elastic band is 6 cm. Take a look from the mirror to your side of your bet and you’ll see how well you can fit.

3 Do you have to use your bets, are you going to sit down?

The pletaed skirt is well resistant to use. The cogs are made in hot steaming, which changes the structure of the wool fibre and makes the pleats permanent. The length of the skirt’s bets has been tested in use in car journeys and office work, and there is hardly any change over a long period of time. On the pletaed skirt slightly looses its hem compared to the new, but the pleats are not litisty. The pletaed skirt is made for long-lasting use, not as a fashion garment.

4 Is the pletaed skirt rough? Do I need a petticoat?

If you suspect that the wool is rough, you will be tested without a purchase. The feeling is unique. The pulled wool fabric is loose and just grines the body. The skirt stays in place when the undershirt and the socks are underneath. A slippery petticoat can be put on a skirt, depending on the body.

5 The skirt is wool, does it electriate?

The electrization of the wool is caused by rubbing. Abrasive electricity is usually required for any other material, often artificial fiber, for which the joint effect of the wool can electrifiate. In particularly dry air, abrasive electricity is more susceptible than normal humidity conditions. The pletaed skirt is hardly rubbing against anything, but descends well to himself.

6 How to wash the skirt?

The treatment instruction of the pletaed skirt recommends dry cleaning if the skirt needs to be washed. The most ecological and gentle method of washing is recommended. Dry cleaning has been tested and the skirt remains unchanged. The skirt is rarely directly against the skin, so there is hardly any need for washing.  Read more about chemical washing

7 Can a skirt from the water?

No water wash is recommended for the skirt. Wool weave is elastic and even water repellent. If the skirt gets wet at any point, the bets can become softener.  In the washing machine, the shape of the bets will suffer and the bets will be limp.

8 How do I handle the skirt?

Ventilate the skirt in dry weather with an outdoor hanger. However, do not ventilating in the rain or leave overnight in damp air. You can shake the loose dirt from the fabric surface.

9 I sat to the water puddle, help!

You can send a bet to the trick for dependable cheats. Agree on the matter beforehand. We all have our bets and we steamed the skirt again.

10 Is the pletaed skirt hot?

The pletaed skirt is a warm garment, but not hot at all. The circumference of the skirt is three meters of a pulled cloth.  The hem is airy, and in cold weather you may need a wool pant. They fit under the vekki skirt well.  

11 How do I keep the skirt?

Store the skirt in a hanger or rolled in the direction of the knife. Do not fold the skirt sideways.

12 How to pack a skirt in a suitcase or backpack?

Roll the skirt in the direction of the socks or sock. You can fold the arch to a small bag. The skirt is a lightweight travel garment and it weighs about 200 g.

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