About Huihui

Huihui is a business name for Huihuitextile, a brand specialized in textile design, product development, productualisation and manufacturing. The products are of timeless, durable and non-constable use of textiles: skirts, scarves and blankets. The expertise is here and therefore the products are manufactured nearby: Finland. 

The design and product development of the Huihui brand is based on versatile textile expertise and long experience. The form of the products is created by bonding design, weaving techniques and simple assembly solutions. The manufacture of products is done without cutting waste. Products are manufactured in series to develop production methods. 

The bright color of the colors softened into the black warp when weaving.
I need simple tools to prepare.

The method of manufacture of Huihui-Vekki skirts is already based on a national costume, but relatively rare and the most widely-used traction technique. The drawstrings and hot steaming are picked for the fabric’s permanent pleats.

The vector is created with a pull-out thread.
The functionality and visual look of the product is essential for you and me.

Huihui products are available to order directly from the manufacturer. Tampere’s Popup fitting booth is open at the specified times in Tampere Kaleva at Petsamonkatu 14, Tampere.


Kauppakeskus Rinteenkulma, Koskikatu 25, 96200 Rovaniemi

Taito Shop KANKURI
Mannerheiminaukio 3, 67100 Kokkola

Knitworks Shop
Kapteeninkatu 9, Helsinki 00140 Helsinki

Vekkihameita lainattavissa
Vaatepuun Järvenpään yksikössä
Rantakatu 3, 04400 Järvenpää

Aija Lundahl
Vihilahdenkatu 4 A 14
33900 Tampere
huihuitextile@gmail. Co
mpuh. 0407037374

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