A fitting garment is like playing in the right tone

Playing best in the right tone. The call to the chimney is an advantage, but there will be a good track in the ears.

According to a dress guide, the garment looks like a group and is balanced. It’s nice to have. The fitting garment feels good on the ground, emphasizes the best aspects of the body and minimates the worse.  In particular, the Guide should observe the fit of garments made of woven fabrics.

Fun and useful text.

I didn’t pay attention to the fit when I developed the Huihui-Vekki Hametta. I liked the fit as a functional and therefore self-evident. I made a cloth to what it naturally bent. I strive for beauty and a pleasant conclusion. In experimental use, a cheozed vekki skirt with a minimalist overall look, the visual, the ice, the comfort of the hem, the flumming of the Pearl and the use of a comfortable appearance. The concept of fit Tassahti from the users of the Vekki skirt:

“It’s so nice to be on”, or
“On a wonderfully flexible and relaxed”, or
“Today was my first time on the site and immediately I got praise”.

The garment was seated without my knowledge. I had taken a seated garment instruction seriously without knowing it.

A fitting garment is such. It sits well and posture. It is balanced looking from the front, side and back. It is suitably body-fitting, not too tight, not too loose. The waist does not tighten and there are no bets on the garment. The seated garment has a good finish, thoughtful and beautiful details.

The source of the dress guide: Studio Merilinna. https://pukeutumisopas.com/millainen-on-hyvin-istuva-vaate/

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