Something of my own

The above event is documented 9.5.2013 at 12.24. Evaporating wool fabric in a spatatic root. I remembered the adaptability of the wool. The palttinasidoxic wool fabric I had vecked carelessly. With orange core threads, the fabric is tightly bundled.  The wetted cotton fabric has a printed pattern on the roots.  Also, the waffle-flaky towel is protected by wool fabric.  It was necessary to have a fire steam, but the wool fabric did not get wet. Yet in the air there was a flavor of the keitus: it was a mixture of sheep’s wool aroma and burnt tip. 

Was there something of my own? At least there was enthusiasm and a holiness to try.  It was an experiment No. 7.

It is a long journey to this day. Working as a textile designer, textile product manager and textile profession teacher has been working for another, always. Well, even for myself-the other wouldn’t have even been in the cycle.

Textile training alignments were made in national and local decisions in the 2010 century. It has meant challenging the necessity of textile skills in the whole of Finland. And training downtime. What do we need? Textiles are produced elsewhere more efficiently, productively, globally. Do the textile components disappear from Finland? At what level will we go? How do we talk about materials, product characteristics, structures and solutions?

I have had to do a tremendous amount of my own design and product development, producting, manufacturing and producing. I mean, I’ve gone from my knowledge, shared with others, taken the hopes of others, needs, styles. It has been rewarding and satisfying. For years I have received my questions: why don’t you do something of your own?

I like the materials: organic, used, worn, graphical and minimalist. What material is above the other? It is a villa. 

Aija Lundahl

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