I make my cloth with a weaving machine from sketting and experimitating to fabric making. I can use a well-fixated weaving machine, I know its potential and limitations. Fabric fabrication is not a problem: The fabric is created smoothly. Sometimes just deciding is slow. The options are endless. 

Kroppa remembers how to use a Dornier mechanical weaving machine.

Scarves are made from fabric by hand cutting and washing machine finishing. For the manufacture of Vekki skirts I needed a vector device. What would it be? How to do a straight and neat vector of the front piece and back piece of the skirt. Each uneven yarn and the bend caused by it would appear in the final product. What tools do I need? Where is the concrete process happening?

Someone with a thick pad is needed. It can accommodate a piece of cloth straight and the drawstrings may be comb-flat. For combing I needed a comb. It could have been some spined object, but I made my combs with laser cutting. Once the drawwires have been pulled by hand, they were also made by hand to the edge of the cloth. When I remembered the technique, I did so. The arduous way of working is to develop new: the hardware store has a variety of lists, cabs and rails that can work. They must be purchased and tested. The threads must be obtained between the straight knobble.

Robust chassis with grooves, traction combs and fibe-resistant mouldings work.

Aija Lundahl

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