A skirt person

Sometime before Sunday, I was wearing a white pleated skirt. I think I still have a skirt person.

My own teeth are textiles, textures, fabrics that are made as skirts or skirts. The product development of the Vekki skirt evolved from a beautiful material glass texture and I developed a pleated skirt man. I want the skirt to be easy, adaptable, comfortable, durable, simple and neat. I want to be harppoa in my teeth. I want careslessness. 

Vekki skirts women have used at least in the 1920 century. In long pleated skirts, the ladies looked like a gorge. The fabrics were festive, shiny, slippery. The Vekki skirt was also a sporty garment. The Vekki skirt commemoration of his own childhood is from the 1960 century: the white flampful polyester dress was festive. However, the dress allowed the yard games and cycling while the waist was screaming.

Multi-memory sculpted skirt is a kalsea, a non-woven fabric with smooth or uneven legs alternating. The Vekki skirt was a fashion garment from Jokanainen. Now the Vekki skirt is fashionable again. Most of the fashions are fleeting. The skirts have the same expressionness as in the 60 century. The pleats are still made in the shaped polyester and the skirts are fluting, slippery and thin. 

Aija Lundahl

Sculpting skirts are the 2018 sale offerings of autumn (https://www.zalando.fi)
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