Pleated skirts for sale at the Finnish Handicraft Museum in Jyväskylä

“In use wonderfully flexible and relaxed”, commented on the Finnish Handicraft Museum Tuija and Päivi work hamers. Huihui-Vekki skirts are a museum for everyday use from November to March.

A fair 30 years ago, 1985, I was designing and assembling the Finnish Home Industrial Museum, the current Finnish handicraft museum’s villa-themed exhibition in Jyväskylä. The theme of the exhibition “Sheep is a good animal: neither bite nor kicked” still works in my product thinking and analogies: the modesty and tolerance of the sheep stretches, good treatment adapts and increases vitality… And so the product will withstand the use of different situations, in uncomplicated and neat customer service situations.

The crystal-vekki skirt with a temperate sheep in the picture. It is a sheep is a good animal: no bite and no kicked-exhibition postcard. Diagram by Jyrki Markkanen.

The goal of the decades-ago exhibition was to showcase extensively wool as a raw material and as a livelihoods. The emphasis was on the presentation of “modern day” production and product design. The exhibition was also designed with its own collection of knitches and woven fabrics from Finnish sheep’s wool.

I did not know what the meaning of the wool as a fibre and material will be for me. Persistently, I have worked on the finishing touches of wool fabrics on the industrial scale, even though the related service offerings have creeping from the part of the unit and the equipment device. I still see the wool as an opportunity.

Huihui-Vekki skirts are available and sold in the Finnish Handicraft Museum’s shop from the beginning of November to the far spring winter in March. Visit the Museum and Museum shop. In the exhibition tomorrow’s felt is also the main part of the wild.

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