Take a bet with a skirt by airing

Lovely skirt, but how to treat it?

This will ask many of the adventurers of the Huihui pleated skirt. A time-consuming product always requires care. ┬áThere’s no need to worry about using the skirt, as the bets keep their groups well. Even daily sitting does not leave traces on the pleated fabric. There are no wrinkles or folds in the skirt.

The wool garment keeps on using it, but it also needs rest. The pleated skirt is best preserved on the hanger. In a suitcase or a backpack, the skirt is worth scrolling in the direction of your bets.

A sturdy belt is created from the old stem.

The pleated skirt may be used to dust and get dirty, even if the wool repels dirt naturally. The skirt is easily cleaned with a light waving or ventilation in the fresh air. The airflow takes away dusts and impurities. The result is displayed as a brighteecness.

Frost and snow are powerful refiners. When possible stains freeze, they are easy to pull out gently by brushing.

Due to its wool, the pleated skirt is a cool time period textile. It is not placed against the skin. Thus, the garment layers under the skirt protect the pleated skirt from the skin from the loose particles. Most often washing is pointless.

If the crane is difficult to use, ventilating the knife skirt in the wild, yard or balcony

Huihui pleated skirt waist seam can be found in the treatment instruction. The instruction may be questionable, as almost all normal therapeutic procedures are forbidden: washing and ironing and drying in the drum.

Why? Doesn’t the material handle the washing? What is damaged in washing?

The wool withstands water. Wool product washing problems are related to temperature changes, mechanical modification and use of detergents. In too hot water and abrasion, the wool product becomes unusable and wrinkled.

The quality of wool or knitted fabrics will solve the product’s washing resistance. Wash soft fabrics and knits with a mild detergent and rinse in a generous water-temperature lukewarm. Rinse with cold water. Use a towel to squeeze the excess water and shape it to dry.

The pleated skirt is not soft and not timid, why not wash it with water? The structure of the pleated skirt fabric is based on a plain-bonfire. The Kude and warp pins form small “shields” on the surface of the cloth. The pins are so short that they cannot be vaned. The fabric of the plain weave does not plucking. It does not require brusting or plucking.

The pleated skirt withstands water and the surface of the fabric repels occasional moisture. The red wine of the pearl is slipped along the floor, jam remains on the surface. But the immersion of a pleated skirt for washing the water basin is to charge the bets.

Huihui pleated skirt washing instruction prohibits water wash but permits chemical washing. Why?

Chemical washing does not use water, but chemical solvent. Solvent washing keeps the group of the bets new. The F-letter inside the washing sign circle means hydrocarbon washing.

According to SOL Laundry services, the hydrocarbon solvent is an environmentally friendly and completely closed process. The solvent comes from the tank at the bottom of the washing drum machine, when the machine’s own pump system is added to the set of washing excipients. After washing, the liquid used goes to the machine’s distiller, from which the clean substance circulates back into the tank. The waste is minimal, the same purified solvent can always be used again. A hydrocarbon solvent laundry can receive a swan label for its operation.

Dry cleaning does not consume, stretch or lint clothes in the same way as traditional water wash. This is because chemicals do not swell the fabric fibers and do not stretch the product in the same way as water.

Dry cleaning of garments and textiles is made in the washing machine, as it is difficult for the consumer to obtain the necessary substances and AIDS in chemical washing. However, it is worth to feel the main symbols associated with washing.

The washing and care instruction card can be found on the Finnish textiles and fashion pages.


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