About wool

One billion of the world’s sheep are clutched outdoors in weather when in the weather. Even if you get pouring, no harm. The fat content of sheep’s raw wool is so high that the water spills out of the sheep’s back.  Sheepmeat is more tender or greasing in different parts of the carcass. In the same way, the wool is finer, curer or greyer. The finest wool is on sheep’s sides. It is spun of thin yarn.

Wool fiber textile raw material was already used in the Stone Age. All the good qualities of wool are difficult to replicate. It has a superior characteristics. When properly treated, the wool product lasts from “cradle to Body”.

The good qualities of wool are based on the Finnish and layered fiber structure. The thread, the material or the product’s flexibility is influenced by the threaded and curling fibres. The fiber can be stretched up to one third of the normal length.

The surface and the cavity of the wool fibre decorate.

What is the benefit of flexibility? The fabric or product is not litisty, but returns to its original shape after long use. Wool Textiles wrinkle less than products made from other materials. The wool is beautifully shiny thanks to its suomurakenteen structure. The flexural strength of the wool is three times the cotton fibre. So it doesn’t cost or break easily. The upholstery fabric of the wool sofa can be more durable than the sofa itself.

The fine wool is usually curly. It provides flexible yarn. The products made from curly wool are warmer and softer than those made from rough and less curly wool. The exquisite wool is a coarse villa more expensive.

The curling edge of the wool fiber increases the thermal insulation capacity. Wool garment protects against cold and hot. Wool fabric is lightweight. It has air up to 80%. Wool repels water but absorbs moisture by 30% without feeling wet. Wool garment is pleasant in all clia. The Villa also takes fire. It lights up hard and does not maintain combustion. The smell from wool is the smell of burning hair.

Rough or sloppy wool treatment causes wool scales to be clunky. Wool vanes, shrinking, and the product thickens.  Large temperature fluctuations, detergents and mechanical modification of the wool. In some situations, this is a good feature.  A soft-touch blanket is a good example of this. It is a durable wool material.

Hot steam wool provides dimensional stability and visual effects such as pleats.  The wool-knit trousers are buttoned and the felt hat bends into its shape.

Over the years, in frequent use, wool fiber wears, becomes shiny and may wear a puncture. However, the treatment of wool product is easy. Often enough ventilation in the fresh dry air. Gentle wool washing programs are also common in washing machines. It’s a good idea to keep the wool textile treatment Guide.

The wool product does not always need to be washed. It can be ventilated in dry, fresh air.

Wool product is well suited for recycling. The dress is created with a vest skirt, shirt with a beanie. Not long after the fabrics were turned inside out and reassembled. In the old wool pieces and the ends of the yarn were used as stuffing. The wool fabric was also ripped into a fibre, carded fibreboard or reintroduced into the recycled. The Villa is eternal and wonderful.

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